FCC Licensed 

I am a Part 74 FCC license holder, call sign WQPU870. My certification allows me to legally operate wireless microphone transmitters and receivers, including IFB sets and all other communication devices with transmitter power up to 250mW within the designated UHF spectrum currently legal within the United States.


OSHA 10 Certified

I am OSHA 10 (10 hour construction safety) certified for working on construction sites. I have all the required clothing and PPE for any construction oriented project. A copy of my certification is available to productions upon request.  


Scaffold Safety Certified

I am Local Law 52 trained for scaffold use in NYC, a certification which has been approved by the Department of Buildings and is also recognized by OSHA. This certification allows me to ascend a scaffold built to any height. 

OFCOM Licensed

I am licensed in the United Kingdom to operate wireless microphones within the 'Go Anywhere' band of Channel 38 up to the legal limit of 50mW. This allows me to operate body worn and other wireless microphones within legal frequencies in the UK without interference to or violation of law.