Mixers, Preamps & Digital Recorders:

  • Zaxcom Nomad 12 w/FP8 (12 Channels of TC capable digital recording excellence)
  • Zaxcom Maxx (8 Channels of TC capable digital recording excellence)
  • Zaxcom Camera Link (2 Channel, multi-function, TC capable digital recording transceiver with an incredible feature set)
  • Sound Devices MM-1 (1 Channel)


  • Denecke TS-C timecode slate
  • Zaxcom ERX2-TCD-MOD (TC lock boxes, modified for separate BNC TC and Audio delivery)
  • Timecode capable IFB boxes for Script Supervisors or Producers


  • Sennheiser MKH-50 (multiple)
  • Sennheiser MKH-416
  • Sennheiser MKH-60
  • Oktava MK-012-MOD
  • Multi-pattern Large Diaphragm Condenser mic for vocals, piano, drums, etc.
  • Cardioid condenser mics for camera mounting (multiple)
  • Sanken COS-11D RM (multiple)
  • Sanken CUB-01 (multiple)
  • Countryman EMW (multiple)
  • Electrovoice RE-50N/D (multiple)
  • Full wind protection for all microphones (INT & EXT)

Wireless / IFB: 

  • Zaxcom TRX900CL Camera Link (Stereo master camera hop w/TC lock)
  • Zaxcom RX200 Receiver (Wireless stereo transmission to Camera w/timecode)
  • Zaxcom TRXLA2.5 Transmitters with built in TC stamped recording (multiple)
  • Zaxcom QRX200 dual receiver (multiple)
  • Zaxcom ERX2-TCD-IFBs (TC capable display for directors, field producers & script supervisors)
  • RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna for increased wireless range
  • Lectrosonics SNA600a Dipole Antennas for increased wireless range
  • Lectrosonics SMQV transmitters (multiple)
  • Lectrosonics UCR-411A receivers (multiple)
  • Lectrosonics UH400a & HM plug-on transmitter for press boxes, hand held mics or wireless plant mics
  • Comtek sets for IFB (as many receivers as required)

Boom Poles: 

  • K-Tek Klassic 152CCR w/Ambient Quick Release - 12'
  • K-Tek Avalon Traveler - 6'7"
  • Rode boom pole - 16'


  • Sony MDR-7506 (multiple)
  • Extreme Isolation EX-29 high noise headphones
  • Shure in-ear monitors (multiple)


  • Wireless master camera feeds (mono mix or split stereo, with or without timecode)
  • Bloop slate for ENG / documentary work without timecode
  • Camera snakes for multi-cam setups or wireless for dolly / crane feeds
  • Camera mounts for wireless receivers on any camera
  • Sound reports, complete with timecode and scene / take information

Technical Notes:

All production sound adheres to film and broadcast industry standards. Sound files are compatible with all professional video and audio editing suites, including but not limited to Final Cut Pro, Avid, Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Polyphonic or Monophonic BWF files are available upon request for multi-channel projects, and all frame rates in common NTSC or PAL formats are supported.