Yamaha NS-10m Studio Monitors

Toy Robot Studios has been using the classic NS-10M studio monitors from Yamaha for years now. We’d like to give a rather detailed explanation of their qualities and capabilities, courtesy ofSound On Sound.

...the NS10 is an extremely revealing speaker that takes no prisoners.  In other words, if the recording is poor, the NS10 will tell you in no uncertain terms... it is effective at revealing the fundamental compromises inherent in recorded music. If you've worked hard on NS10s at a mix and overcome those compromises, or perhaps cleverly disguised them, the mix will translate well to other systems because it is a good mix.

shapeimage_1 (2).png

Check out the .PDF in the SOS link above under the section titled, ‘NS10 Technology & Measurements’. Now, the next time someone starts in at you about these classic studio monitors you’ll have some ammo, if you want it of course.