It's Hot In Here...

…and it’s your fault.

If you’re a location sound mixer, that is. Seriously though, in the summer time you are going to be everyone’s worst nightmare on any film set that is indoors. You know the drill:

  • Windows have to be closed for every take
  • Air conditioners have to be off
  • All fans have to be off
  • Refrigerator has to be off
  • Etc.

Yeah, you’re not going to be popular, but you have to do these things if you want great sound. Unfortunately for today’s location sound mixer, you’re usually going to have to lobby the AD to get these things done unless you’re already friend with the G&E department. That’s because many people on non-union sets aren’t thinking about sound. They’re thinking about the 2K in the corner cooking the actors and heating the room by 5 degrees a minute. The sweat dripping down their nose onto the floor in front of them and makeup / wardrobe who aren't happy with sweaty looking actors don't help much either.

You get the idea, but these things have to be done, and if anyone asks just remember, you’re a pro and you’re doing this for their film, not for your sadistic pleasure. Don’t hesitate to remind people that you don’t enjoy the heat either.