Cable Stock

I've found it quite difficult to determine which cable stock to purchase from online retailers like due to my inability to measure cable diameter without a special tool. Plus, cable is one of those things that you kind of just need to touch, or at very least need a high quality photo with reference to see what you're dealing with.

The following three cable types are the most common that I use, and I hope this photo helps those wishing to make their own cables.

As a note, for regular short cable runs I use the Canare L-2E5 cable. For longer runs where RFI might be an issue I use the Canare L4E5C, which is Canare's mini Star Quad cable. Both cables are excellent for standard XLRF / M connectors and larger connectors where size is not an issue.

When you require a smaller cable, I have found Mogami W2697 to be excellent. It is made extremely well and is very supple and the perfect diameter in my opinion for TA3 and TA5 F/M connectors. I routinely fit two W2697 cables in a TA3 or TA5 connector and am still able to crimp the strain relief with a little elbow grease.