Arri Alexa Snake Extension

I made an Arri Alexa snake extension for my breakaway cables / camera snakes. The configuration I chose works with any breakaway cable or snake (sans breakaway), hence the XLRF snake-side adaptors.

I had considered putting a Neutrik OSC8F connector to mate with my standard Remote Audio breakaway cables, but I also have a camera snake that terminates to XLRM only, and I wanted a universal Arri Alexa snake extension, not just one that would only fit some of the breakaways I have.

Contact me if you're interested in having one made.

Arri Alexa camera snake extension. 5-pin XLRM to XLRF stereo, 1/8" headphone return monitoring and additional 1/8"F headphone option for the classy camera operator who likes to monitor while operating.

5-pin up close, with 1/8"F visible.

Snake-side of extension. 2xXLRF & 1/8" mini Female return.