Zaxcom Camera Link

Zaxcom's TRX900CL (CL or Camera Link) + QRX235 w/QIFB is the system I have chosen for a master camera hop for use with the soon to be out RX200 from Zaxcom, and at the moment it is functioning excellently as my backup recorder, IFB transmitter and Zaxnet TC transmitter for user with my ERX2-TCDs in my Maxx bag.

The CL is a transceiver, and serves multiple functions: it is a stereo master camera hop with TC send via UHF so it permanently jams the camera as a lock box when used with an appropriate RX like the QRX235, a 2.4GHz Zaxnet transmitter at 100mW for IFB use (for use with ERX2-TCDs) which eliminates the need for a dedicated IFB Tx in the bag and also reduces the likelihood of interference with Comtek units and Zaxnet, and a TC stamped backup recorder all in one box. Oh yeah, and it also receives a return signal from the QRX235 from camera for wireless confidence monitoring while also displaying a clear and bright set of modulation LEDs on the side of the Rx so you can quickly glance at camera and know you're sending proper signal.

Considering the outstanding workflow implications of this combination of devices, and weighing the pros and cons against other professional units required to accomplish the same (less, actually) than this system, the conclusion I have come to is that the TRX900CL + RX200 (not yet released) or the QRX235 RX with QIFB is a no-brainer.

While other sound mixers are forced to have three transmitters in their bag to accomplish less than one single transceiver can accomplish, I will be traveling light and working efficiently. 

Another clear win for Zaxcom, and another step toward my eventual all-Zaxcom bag.

TRX900CL (Camera Link)

QRX235 Receiver

QRX235 Receiver